Our Services

Through extensive management and a technical support network; the programs are continually review to improve our systems and processes. The programs have been developed from proven methodologies and experiences obtained from a variety of industrial backgrounds.

Utilising simple philosophies targeted at the ground roots level of the organisation, with an overviewing management structure that will deliver the programs to highest standards. This ensures the programs operate efficiently, with the equipment operating in a safe & reliable manner in optimum condition.


Total lubrication management

The preventative maintenance programs are tailored to fully integrate into the existing maintenance system.  The programs are developed and incorporated into the maintenance regime utilising calculated incremental steps with a systematic review process that provides smooth transition when implementing the new programs.

The programs can either be managed by TLR Services or easily managed by in-house maintenance planners, supervisors and/or engineers


Consulting & Engineering technical support

Experienced engineering professionals are available to manage and consult on improving the system structures and provide technical support as required on all aspects of the programs. Key program structures include, Lubricant storage & handling practices; Documentation and associated systems; Condition monitoring techniques; Continuous improvement programs; General engineering equipment issues and Plant design to improve the application of lubricants.


Plant set-up & Design

To improve the application of lubricant and the efficiency of the programs the plant is designed & set-up to allow the application of lubricants without interruption to production. With a systematic audit & Assessment program the systems are reviewed and rated against world’s best practice techniques that will establish a solid framework to deliver the programs to the highest standards.


Resourcing solutions

TLR Services has experienced lubrication technicians trained in the application of lubricants. Maintenance personnel’s time and skills can be better utilised to high-end technical work and routine activities can be implemented through the preventative maintenance structure. This system provides a managed staffing solution that provides ongoing savings to the client from targeted activities and better utilisation of the maintenance workforce.

Resourcing solutions


Supply arrangements

With an extensive network of suppliers at our disposal we can supply consumable products & components into store. Product supply arrangements can be established, providing excellent solution to manage your inventory and deliver components directly into your store with a single monthly invoice for goods.