Engraving & Signage

To support the development of the preventative maintenance programs; the industrial engraving & Signage sector of the business provides customised labeling solutions that will enhance and organise your business activities. Labeling & identification plays a major part in the lubricant application process. Preventing incorrect lubricant additions to the equipment will prevent premature and unscheduled failures. Labeling also allows a multi task force to work the system eliminating lubricant selection errors.


Industrial engraving

Engraved products include, Customized colour systems, Asset identification tags, Dials & scales, Electrical control panels, and General labels & Tags. Engraving materials include, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum (Natural & Anodized) Acrylics, Plastic laminates (Traffolite) and Timber


 Industrial signage

Customised & Mandatory signs include Prohibition, Warning, Caution and Danger. Sign blanks can be customized by adding your own text to suit your specific requirements. Signage materials include, Stainless Steel, Tinplate (Colourbond & Galvanized) Aluminum composite panel (Natural & Coloured).



Small customised batch-run sticker, Insert your own text or logo, pipe-markers, barcodes & small signs and have it made into a sticker. Small batch runs are from 1 to 1000 Units or more if required. Sticker materials include, Paper & vinyl and can be adhered to most flat surfaces.


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